which version to use for a opengl project?

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The difference between using "at()" and using "operator []" is that "at" is
checked for range and "operator []" is not. See Stroustrup "The C++
Programming Language" (2nd ed.) page 445 (ch 16.3.3) "Element Access", "at",
"to vector". On page 446 it mentions that "at" throws an "out_of_range"
error. I'd suggest going back to gcc/g++ 2.9.xx (I use
MingW(GCC2.9.xx)/DevCPP/GLUT), use the operator [] and check for
out-of-range conditions.

good luck,

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hi all,

I am devoloping an opengl project on a windows2000 pc using the dev-cpp ide
with gcc/g++ 2.9.xx (included within the current beta). this works fine BUT:
there is one bug I in that version of the compiler think.

whenever I use the vector template like 'vector<Bar> foo;' the vector's
method at() won't work, which is vital to me. I always get compile errors
like call to undefined function 'at()'. after some research on google, I
found out, that my version has a bug there. ;( ok, I thought lets get a
newer version of the compiler and I instantly downloaded the latest MinGW
from www.mingw.org which includes gcc 3.2.

now the use of vector compiles just fine but the compiler alerts on errors
that are placed within glut.h which worked fine until now and which I
believe to be free of errors.

is there anybody who uses gcc unter win using opengl and vectors as well?
and what version do you take???

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