help with installing gcc in os x please.

LLeweLLyn Reese
Sat Dec 28 06:41:00 GMT 2002

Ben Dougall <> writes:

> hiyer fwyzard,
> well, i'm not sure. i think i'm just having trouble accessing it, but
> i'm not sure.
> putting 'bin' and the linking issue aside, trying to access it
> directly from the objdir folder -
> in the objdir are these files & folders:
> config.cache		(a 16k document)
> config.status		(a 4k document)
> gcc				(folder 289 items inside totaling 153mb)
> libiberty			(folder 49 items inside totaling 1mb)
> Makefile			(a 64k document)
> powerpc-apple-darwin6.2		(an empty folder)

Empty? Are you sure your build succeeded? AFAIK, powerpc-apple-darwin6
    should contain at least a config.cache and another libiberty folder (as
    well as libstdc++-v3 folder, if one builds the c++ front end.)

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