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LLeweLLyn Reese llewelly@lifesupport.shutdown.com
Fri Dec 27 04:56:00 GMT 2002

James Buchanan <jamesbuch@iprimus.com.au> writes:

> GNU autoconf, automake and libtool by Vaughan, Elliston, Tromey and
> Taylor published by New Riders.

Thank you. I'll see if a local store has a copy I can pre-read before

> Excellent book and good tutorial and
> reference.  For make, try the GNU Make book published by the FSF
> Press.

I've got an alder copy of that. As far as I can tell, it is a printed
    version of 'info make'. (one of the goals of the texinfo doc
    format is printed and electronic manuals from the same source.)

> There is "Using and Porting GCC" or something like that, also
> published by the FSF Press.

Again, that's a printed version of 'info gcc', and again, I've an
    older copy somewheres. Of course now the gcc manual is being split
    into user sections and porting sections, but I strongly suspect
    the new printed gcc books will continue to be identical to the
    online docs.

> If you get that, also get the GNU C
> Library book by the FSF Press.

This one I don't have, but I suspect it is also similar to 'info

It's good you mentioned them; they are easier on the eyes, cheap,
    buying them supports the FSF, etc. And they are good books
    (despite that I implied earlier that they weren't books) but they
    are identical to the online version, as far as I know.

> All excellent books, and all available
> free in postscript format, too (the FSF ones.)  I usually print these
> and stick them in ringbinders since there is no way I can afford to
> buy all these books.

It's been years since I bought one, but I thought they were ~US$10 a
    copy or so (printed, that is)... (the softweare field is
    interesting in this way; when one is employed, books are often
    ridicoulously cheap in proportion to one's income. When one isn't
    employed, they are quite expensive.)

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