Porting gcj to Win32/DOS 32bit

James Buchanan jamesbuch@iprimus.com.au
Mon Dec 16 01:41:00 GMT 2002

CC: java@gcc.gnu.org

Hello everyone,

I'm using DJGPP to build a GCC system, with a special purpose of
making gcj available to DJGPP users that doesn't rely on Cygwin.  I
hear that getting the java runtime to work (porting it to Win32 or
DOS-32bit) is the main issue.  To be honest I don't know.

I've read all the docs - configuring, building and installing GCC.
I'd like to do a couple of checks to make sure I understand this:  1)
I need to do a native build, that is `make bootstrap` to get an entire
GCC system for the Win32/DOS-32bit platform.  2) I need to do
something about structs - e.g. fnative-struct or something like that?
I'm a bit lost here, can someone help with any configuration tips for
building a DJGPP/DOS GCC system that includes gcj?  Oh yes, I am using
WinXP with the latest DJGPP v2gnu tools and GCC 3.2.1. I am not sure
if there is any difference between building for Win32 and DOS-32bit,
perhaps it's a WinMain() thing?

I need to compile such that the GCC system is built with everything
static linked, with everything in a separate build directory, e.g.
C:\djgcc321, so that there will be bin\gcc, bin\g++, bin\gcj, and so
on, lib\libgcj (or whatever) so I can just zip up the entire build
directory after the `make install` and redistribute to DJGPP users as
a binary package.

If the `make bootstrap` croaks with something like "error: GCC has not
been ported to i686-pc-msdos please check machines file for your
platform" (which is what happens when I try to compile emacs) what do
I have to fiddle with to get an entry for i686-pc-djgpp (for example)
so that it recognises the build host and target?

Many thanks,

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