size of a.out vs. native compiler on aix

Carl Albing
Mon Dec 2 08:27:00 GMT 2002

I'm compiling a program using GCC on an AIX 4.3 system.
(gcc's dumpversion reports: 2.9-aix43-010414)
The resulting a.out is about 300+ Kbytes.
But compiling the same code on the IBM supplied compiler
results in an a.out of only 90 Kbytes.

Is there some option I need to use to keep this size
smaller? I'm using no arguments to gcc other than
file name:
	gcc mycode.c

and the same with the aix compile: cc mycode.c
or is this just a feature of gcc?

When compiled using gcc on previous versions of AIX 
(e.g. 3.x, 4.1) the result was small executables.  
Why so big now?  Can anyone offer an explanation 
if not a workaround or fix?  Thanks.

					- Carl Albing
					  St. Paul, MN

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