using gcc 3.0.1 and

Willy Gardiol
Tue Sep 11 03:46:00 GMT 2001

> Flex (the one that I have) creates non standard c++ code.
> The ungly hack that I have runs sed on the result of flex,
> and replaces 'class istream;' with '#include <iosfwd.h>".
> "iosfwd.h" is a file I wrote that includes iosfwd, and has
> several "using std::one-of-iostream-classes;" lines.

Where can i find that file? 
i would like to try this workaround.I would need kdevelop in a short.

> > So i decided to install a second gcc: 2.905.2.1
> You mean gcc-2.95.2, right ? yes :) type error....
just because 2.95.2 is the "officially" supported gcc by kde

> > Now i suspect gcc from 2.x to 3.x uses a different naming
> > for c++ symbols but how can i overcome this problem?
> Maybe recompile every single C++ library you have with the same C++
> compiler?

so, should i go back to 2.95.2 or some other older compiler ( i dont want toi 
do this unless i am REALLY desperate) or try to fix problems as they came? 

> It *may* be possible to mix two different C++ versions in a single program
> by using C or CORBA proxies, but I guess you are not that desperate.

Can you explain better? i am NOT so desperate but i am curious.


>   Michael

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