Help : File does not end with newline

Paul Lim
Sun Sep 30 09:26:00 GMT 2001


A good day to you. I am a newbie. I hope the guru can advise me on the 

I am using gcc to compile my C source file with the following command
gcc -Wall -pedantic -ansi -g -o diary menu.c

The thing is menu.c has a include file which i put in the first line as
#include "diary.h"

However, I did not successful compile. The error message is
diary.h:103: warning: file does not end in newline

The last line of diary.h is already 103 and I cannot find any problem. I 
have dissected my code to the smaller modules to try to track the error but 
still cannot find the error.

I have previously managed to compile cleanly with the option
gcc -o diary.c

I am using gcc on Windows. Could OS be the problem?

Could someone please advise me on roughly where the problem is?

I sincerely appreciate your help.
Thank you very much.


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