using gcc 3.0.1 and

Willy Gardiol
Tue Sep 11 00:22:00 GMT 2001

i am building my linux box from the sand...
i choose gcc 3.0 (then 3.0.1) to compile my stuff and i had no problems until 

I am trying to compile kdevelop 2.0 but i get an error compiling flex related 
stuff (flex 2.5.4a)
So i decided to install a second gcc: 2.905.2.1 (/usr/local/gcc-2.95.2) and 
use it to compile KDevelop.
It works, BUT if i try to compile with that gcc i get tons (really tons) of 
udefined symbol!
it seems it is not able to find ANY symbol exported from the Qt libraries 
which are correctly built and working, but onlyi with gcc 3.0.x.

Now i suspect gcc from 2.x to 3.x uses a different naming for c++ symbols but 
how can i overcome this problem?

Willy Gardiol
Orgoglioso di NON essere Cattolico

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