repost: C++ & GCC / nm / symbols with trailing characters / linker errors

Karl Esau
Mon Sep 3 07:35:00 GMT 2001


I (still) need to port a QT-application from an older development
machine to a production server.

the application consists of several C++ classes for the GUI control
and a set of interface classes that use embedded SQL-procedures,
generated by the oracle (8.1.6) C precompiler.

on the dev. machine I get _trusted_ warnings and I am able to link
an application with QT and embedded SQL.

[dev. machine] with "warning: implicit declaration":

  painter > nm up8set.o | grep OraCommit
  00008bf0 T OraCommit
  painter > nm OracleObjects.o | grep OraCommit
           U OraCommit
  painter > gcc --version

on the new server, due to the higher gcc-version, I get errors, when
I wanted to leave external functions undeclared. if I declare these
functions "extern ..." the compiler runs fine, but the linker cannot
find the correct symbols, because the compiler generates postfix
characters for the requested procedures.

[prod. server] with explicit declartion "extern int procname(...);":

  painter > nm up8set.o | grep OraCommit
  000039a0 T OraCommit
  painter > nm OracleObjects.o | grep OraCommit
»          U OraCommit__Fv
»                     ^^^^
  painter > gcc --version

how can I fix this? is there a known way to tell 'g++' to leave the
requested function identifiers without trailing characters? is there
a way to tell 'g++' to treat implicit declarations simply as a warning?

on the productive machine I cannot step back to an older version,
because it's simply _productive_ :/

any idea? thanks in advance.

mfG / best regards

     Karl Esau

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