Missing basic wide char/wide string handling functions

Kirwan, Brian bkirwan@accuris.ie
Thu Nov 29 03:41:00 GMT 2001

Hi Rupert,

Thanks for your quick respose.

You're right - I'm on Solaris. Its 2.6 whose wchar.h doesnt have wprintf.
I've checked a 2.8 machine and you're right - its wchar.h does have it.

So, Solaris 2.8's C library supports it.

But, as for the C++ side (which I would prefer), shouldnt GCC's iostream
support wcout (which it doesnt seem to do)?

Thanks very much,

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> To: 'Kirwan, Brian'
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> Subject: RE: Missing basic wide char/wide string handling functions
> Brian Kirwan wrote:
> > I'm building an application that needs to handle unicode strings and
> > therefore need wide char/string handling functions.  In gcc, I CAN
> > find the corresponding CONVERSION functions (e.g., mbstowcs,
> > wcstombs, etc.) but I CANNOT find the BASIC wide string handling
> > functions, i.e., wcout, wstrcat, etc. (nor wprintf, etc in the C
> > library).
> GCC makes a few POSIX-like fixes to the system header files, 
> but the set
> of functions you have really depends on the C library you're using and
> not on the compiler.
> That said, it sounds like you're using a Sun box. Certainly Solaris
> 2.8's system C library has wprintf in wchar.h (try 'man wprintf') but
> I'm not sure how many Solaris versions back that goes.
> Hope that helps,
> Rup.

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