"missing files"

Andrea 'Fyre Wyzard' Bocci fwyzard@inwind.it
Mon Nov 26 14:03:00 GMT 2001

>hal.net.brandeis.edu 48: ../make-3.79.1/make bootstrap >makeboot.log
>cpp: "fixlib.h", line 30: error 4036: Can't open include file 'config.h'.
>#include "auto-host.h"
>#include "ansidecl.h"
>#include "config.h"
>#include "system.h"
>that line from the file calling config.h shows that it's looking for it in 
>logically possible files are:
>hal.net.brandeis.edu 26: du -a | grep config.h | more
>14      ./gcc301/libiberty/config.h
>2       ./gcc301/gcc/config.h

I've never stumbled in this before.
 From what I see, you should have put the gcc 3.0.1 sources in
and configured in
   /software/gcc-3.0.1/configure <configure options>

Then, you should be building in
   make bootstrap

If this is what you have done (that is, I assume you are not trying to 
build in the source rather than in the configure directory), I don't know 
what may be wrong.

Sorry for not being of more help

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