Andrea 'Fyre Wyzard' Bocci fwyzard@inwind.it
Mon Nov 26 14:03:00 GMT 2001

At 23.42 25/11/01 (GMT -0800), prasad inchal wrote:
>Hi ,
>    I wanted to know the binding concept of C++
>  I have two issues regarding this,
>  1: I want to have C++ to create class objects
>dynamically, at runtime.
>  2: I want to have an interpreter where in I can call
>C++ member functions directly
>     with the respective obj and parameters.
>  Thanks ,
>  Prasad

I don't think this is a GCC related question...

What is that you EXACTLY want to do ?
Dynamically reate new CLASSES or just OBJECTS of a specifc class ?
I don't think yuo can't do the former in c++, while for the second just 
define a class with

class my_class {
   class definition

and create objects with

my_class* my_object = new my_class(class parameters);

For more C++ programming info, have a look at 
< http://www.mindview.net/Books/TICPP/ThinkingInCPP2e.html >.

That is, you need a c++ interpreter, not a compiler.
Have a look at < http://root.cern.ch/root/Cint.html >


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