Rupert Wood
Thu Nov 15 05:34:00 GMT 2001

Kabir Patel wrote:

> When I try running make bootstrap (or make "anything"), it comes
> back with "make: not found" message.

That means that it can't find the 'make' binary to run. It's in
/usr/ccs/bin; there's other good stuff in /usr/ccs/bin (e.g. the system
assembler and linker) so that probably ought to be in your path.

*However* there are known bugs in a lot of versions of make. You may
well do better in the long term to download and install the latest GNU
make (as well as putting /usr/ccs/bin into your path). I can't remember
if Sun make is officially supported at the moment - check the install
docs - but I've never had any problems with it.

> I have looked into the Makefile. Some of it was as follows:
> VPATH = .
> links =
> srcdir = .
>  (is that ok?)

Yes and no. Yes, they're valid contents for those variables. No, it
looks like you've configured the compiler to build in the source tree
instead of in a separate object directory as recommended by the
installation instructions ("srcdir == objdir should still work, but
doesn't get extensive testing").

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