NECV850 C-compiler

Rupert Wood
Fri Nov 9 10:38:00 GMT 2001

Claudio Serra wrote:

> My problem is finding C compilers for microcontrollers NECV850.

GCC supports the NEC V850.

To build a complete toolchain, you need:

    gcc          (compiler)
    binutils     (assembler and linker)
    newlib       (standard C library for embedded systems)

There may be a Cross-GCC FAQ around on the GCC site (I haven't seen one
for a while). However, as far as I know, the easiest way to get up and
running is to build all three together. If you extract all three sets of
sources, you'll notice that the top level directory is roughly the same
for all three; either copy or use cpio link games to combine all three
source trees at the top level directory (allow the GCC files to take
precedence) and then configure and build the GCC toolchain as normal
(except don't 'make bootstrap' - just 'make').

You'll want to configure with option '--target=v850-coff' (or replace
'coff' with another binary object format, e.g. 'elf', as required) and
probably specify a new prefix and required language subset.

Hope that helps,

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