Graphics programming using gcc

Rupert Wood
Thu Nov 1 03:54:00 GMT 2001

Chetna Warade wrote:

>  I wanted to know if it is possible to write a C program for graphical
>  puroses ( like manipulating pixels and/or windows eg. like it is
>  possible to program the pixels using turbo C compiler using a library
>  graphics.h). If yes what are the libraries?

This isn't really anything to do with the compiler: it's more a platform
specific question. (Borland's graphics library is probably better
considered a bundled library than a compiler feature.)

Whatever you're developing for, it's probably worth looking at Alternatively, if you meant Windows with a
capital 'W', you can download the DirectX developer's kit from

>  If it is not possible then what is the front end for developing
>  projects in C.

There isn't one attached to the GCC project. However, the same server
hosts Source Navigator ( and
there's probably half a dozen IDEs on

Hope that helps,

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