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Thu Nov 22 14:26:00 GMT 2001

>From: Andrea 'Fyre Wyzard' Bocci <fwyzard@inwind.it>
>To: "J P" <buttermaker@hotmail.com>,gcc-help@gcc.gnu.org
>Subject: Re: "missing files"
>Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 23:48:06 +0100
>At 17.21 28/11/01 (GMT +0000), you wrote:
>>that is what i have done. thank you for trying though.
>>i have successfully ported the latest gnu binutils and gmake. so i know it
>>has them to use. i followed the 11.00 instructions and it worked fine. if
>>someone from gnu is watching they should add that to the installs instead
>>of saying that it has never been tried. in order to avoid corruption witht
>>he make, i used the method for those that don't have a make.
>>my first thought is that something was wrong with one of those, but the
>>gmake i had to put in the path, and it works once i put it there.
>>unless the gnu binutils installed incorrectly and it's using the hp
>>inherent ones. could that be it? if so, how do i check that the
>>gnubinutils are installed and pointed to the dir i installed them to from
>>where they need pointers? i thought the readme said it places them.
>I don't think this could be a binutils problem, as cpp is a part of gcc.
>Anyway, t osee if the binutils your are using are one you installed, you
>could make
>ld -V
>and see what the answer is.

hal.net.brandeis.edu 41: ld -V
92453-07 linker command s800.sgs ld PA64 B.11.18 REL 000922
ld: 92453-07 linker linker ld B.11.18 000922
ld: Usage:  ld [options] [flags] files
hal.net.brandeis.edu 42:

for some reason i get hte feeling that means it's still looking at the HP 
ones. if i'm right, then how do i switch over to the gnubinutils?
(gnubinutils were made into the directory "gnubinutils-2.11.2" which has 
path "/software/gnubinutils-2.11.2")

>GNU ld should tell what version it is along with the supporte targets it
>has been built for.
>I was wondering - did you installed gmake and the binutils befor
>configuring gcc, right ?

yeah, i did the gmake, then configured binutils so that i could use gmake to 
make them, then confired (and am no trying to make) the gcc.

>You might want to re-configure (in the same place, with the same options)
>just to grab the output. I should mention what ersion of the various tools
>will be used to build gcc.

if i'm right and those aren't the gnubinutils, then after i set them up, 
since i've gone through about a dozen tries with the "gmake bootstrap" 
command, should i simply reconfigure, or should i remove the current object 
directory and start over so that i can make complete use of the gnu binutils 
instead of partial use? one of the things i came across doing this said that 
the hp make corrupts a lot of the gnu things, which is why it said not only 
to use gmake, but preferably one that was made ignoring any resident make on 
an hpux machine.

thanx for all the help so far.


Joh Perlmutter
NOC "intern"
Brandeis University

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