gcc stage 1 and/or stage 2 compiles not seeing system headers

kutek@cybercomm.net kutek@cybercomm.net
Thu Nov 22 06:47:00 GMT 2001

this problem seems to have arisen since the 2.95.X series...egcs-2.91.66
was the last gcc that compiled correctly for me.

during make bootstrap stage 1 and 2 (assuming it gets that far) the xgcc do
not see the system headers. they are in a non standard place but the proper
configure options are given to allow locating them ( --includedir etc)
...yet in the bootstrap this info seems to get lost and i get errors related
to common system headers not being found.

it seems that buried in the makefiles and configure there are still certain
assumptions about file system structure which are not necessarlily valid and
which remain UN-configurable.

i am tempted to use --with-local-prefix, however the installation
instructions warn against making this a diretory containing system headers.

the end result with compilers that i do manage to get compiled by fiddling
with stage n makefiles manually is that in order to use them i have to use a
gcc command like this:

gcc -I/<system includes dir> -L<system libs dir>

anybody have any idea what is going on? please don't waste time suggesting
bringing the filesystem into fhs or other compliance...not going to happen.

my suspicion is that this is what is causing the problems with c++ that a
lot of ppl are complaining about since i too had the problems until i started
makefile fiddling. in general that fiddling is adding -I and -L options
pointing to the system headers and libs for the stage n compiles.

thanks in advance,


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