cross-compiler arm-h8300
Fri Nov 16 15:08:00 GMT 2001


I tryed to compile gcc as a cross-compiler from arm to h3800 but I have a lots 
of "BFD assertion fail" and the compilation stops.
I configured & compiled binutils-2.11.2 with --target=h8300-hitachi-hms on 
my "armv4l-unknown-linux-gnu" ,
exported my new PATH=$PATH:/my/way/where/binutils/is/bin,
patched gcc-3.0.2 with the hitachi_3.0.2.1 patch,
and configure & compiled gcc with --target=h8300-hitachi-hms --with-newlib 

Does someone make it work well? I saw debian has got a binutils-h8300-hms-***-
arm.deb package but not gcc-h8300-hms-***-arm.deb.
Is this cross compilation possible?
Where can I find doc about BFD?



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