Configuration ouput
Wed Nov 14 01:36:00 GMT 2001

I ran the ./configure script successfully, but came across the following
messages and wanted to know if they would effect
the build:

a) "Warning: compilation may fail because you're using
/usr/ucb/cc.  You should change your PATH or CC
variable and rerun configure."

I selected CC=cc, which is what I use to run C code normally.

b) "grep: can't open /export/home/kabir/gnu/gcc-3.0.2/libstdc++-v3/
./config.status is unchanged"

This file (in fact the entire folder libstdc++-v3) doesn't exist. Is it meant

c) "configure: warning: ^M
*** Makeinfo is missing or too old.^M
*** Info documentation will not be built."


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