x86 implementation for GCC development

guerby@acm.org guerby@acm.org
Wed Nov 7 08:11:00 GMT 2001

You can find a lot of kernel compile time information on Athlon vs
Pentium, eg:


IIRC in most tests I've seen, Athlon is better at compiling the kernel
and cheaper as well.

For reference, on my P3 1GHz laptop, i686-pc-linux-gnu bootstrap for
"c,ada" takes 45 minutes, "ada,c,c++,f77" takes 1 hour,
gnatlib_and_tools is an additional 5 minutes. For "c,c++,f77", make
check is 45 minutes, and ACATS is 35 minutes.

Hope this helps,

Laurent Guerby <guerby@acm.org>

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