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David Korn
Fri Feb 16 05:43:00 GMT 2001

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>This is probably very easily answered but when i want
>to run a program which I have compiled with 'gcc
>filename.c -o filename.exe' how do i run it? if i type
>filename.exe i just get 'command not found' back. 
>I am using Red Hat 6.2 with the default version of

    Hi Gareth,

 It is indeed very easy.  Linux doesn't search the current directory for
programs to be run unless you specifically add it to the path with a line
such as

 export PATH=$PATH:.

or alternatively, you can specify that your executable is in the current
directory when you try to run it by putting ./ in front of the filename


  Of these, it is better to get into the habit of adding ./ to your 
commands, because having the current directory in your path is theoretically
a security risk (if someone could arrange for a trojan version of ls, for
example, to be in one of your directories, you might accidentally run it
when you tried to get a directory listing; if you don't have . in the path
that can't happen).

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