Compiling with newlib headers?

Fri Sep 29 17:50:00 GMT 2000


That colon threw me off.

That's a very good article on the cygnus tree.
I had only previously found descriptions of the tree buried
away in subdirectories of the source.

A decription of the steps that the cygnus configure script
and build process goes thru would be very useful, but would
be difficult to do by someone that didn't originally design
the process. I used a bash debugger to step thru all the
configure lines, but its still complicated to follow.

It would be useful to have a site where stable releases of
various configurations (more common host-target combos)
of gcc and binutils
are kept for downloading by users. This way, some stability
can be had instead of everyone building their own versions
from source and wondering if problems are in the source, or
the way they built it. Having to apply patches to your build
also adds more variables. A central site for useful patches
would be useful. For the space needed to store the tools,
some compensation could be got by selling CDs instead of
one-week downloads etc.

Michael Sokolov wrote:
> "Russ.Shaw" <> wrote:
> > Is this a url address?
> >
> >     ivan.Harhan.ORG:/pub/embedded/cygnus-tree-intro
> >
> > Pointing my browser there doesn't work.
> No, this is a real network pathname from the golden days when people were
> clueful and there were no URLs or browsers. For you spoiled children who need
> URLs, in URL form it is:
> ftp://ivan.Harhan.ORG/pub/embedded/cygnus-tree-intro
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