help needed

Kazu Hirata
Tue Sep 26 06:30:00 GMT 2000

Hi, Brahmaiah,

> can you tell me, which architecture is clost to
> Zilog's z80 and ez80 ,on which gcc port already
> exists. ?

z8k seems to be in binutils but not in gcc.

Atmel AVR is probaably the closest one-chip microcontroller.  It has
an 8-bit architecture.  I don't think it's in gcc-2.95.2.  You have to
download the current snapshot of gcc.

For 8-bit microcontrollers in general, I've seen a bunch of freely
available assemblers.  Compilers may even be there, so gcc is not the
only one to stick with.

Hope this helps.

Kazu Hirata

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