Missing crt1.o on SGI IRIX 6.5

Koundinya.K kk@ddeorg.soft.net
Sun Sep 24 02:29:00 GMT 2000

crt1.o is one of the startup files required by the compiler. Where you can 
find it ? Please have a look at


Here you have something about gcc-2.95.2: description + notes

There is also some notes on how to troubleshoot, addressing the problem that 
you are facing.


-> I downloaded the precompiled gcc from sgi freeware.  When I try to use
-> it to compile a fresh gcc 2.95.2 (or any other program, for that
-> matter), I get /usr/lib32/mips3/crt1.o not found error.
-> What is crt1.o?  And (more importantly at the moment) where can I get
-> it?  Thanks for helping.

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