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"Same, Donald R." <donald_r_same@md.northgrum.com> writes:

> I emailed this over a week ago and have not got a response.  Can you help?
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> > We are writing embedded c code for Motorola PPC VME based SBCs.  I am
> > using gnu compiler tools w/VxWorks op sys.  Is there any way to get a
> > listing of the source code and the assembly code that was
> > generated from

For gcc, -S will output only an assembly listing - it will not produce
  an object file.

--save-temps will cause gcc to save the assembler output - a .s file
  contianing the assembly will be created, and the object file will
  also be created. (as will a .i file containing pre-processed

For details, see: http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gcc_2.html#SEC4

or read the docs that come with the compiler.

> > those source lines.  We have in the past used a Diab compiler w/pSOS op
> > sys, and it had that option.
> > 
> > Thanks
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> > Don

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