How to force the use of gnu-binutils?

Markus Werle
Wed Sep 20 00:40:00 GMT 2000

David Korn wrote:

>   Did you use the flag --with-gnu-ld when you configured gcc? You
> might want to use --with-gnu-as as well. AFAIUI, these flags instruct the
> compiler which binutils to use; the path to the nm (and as) utils is
> determined at configure time and hard-coded into the newly-built compiler,
> so changing $PATH ought to make no difference at all to where gcc finds
> its components.

Unfortunately gnu-ld can not be built on hpux.
So You are stuck with hp ld and You have to configure  --without-gnu-ld
(and on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00 either
--with-gnu-as  --with-as=/some/really/new/gas/snapshot/as
but both have problems in building, installing or -
if build is successful - in linking stage using hp-ld)

This week I tried building g++ with 4 different gas, hp-as and
6 different egcs-snapshots with a variety of configure options,
see my bug-reports)

The only thing I wanted to know is:
Is it possible to force hp-ld to use gnu-nm.
I fear it is not. I thought maybe there is a way
by telling gmake.
I do not even know why ld needs to call nm.
(Never went into those details and did not find the
passage in their man-page)
I appreciate any hints how to circumvent this,
because then I may have an actual g++
running properly on my hp-machine

Thanks again,


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