How to configure gcc when there is no c compiler on the system?
Thu Sep 7 09:18:00 GMT 2000

> I am attempting to install gcc 2.95.2 on Solaris 7. The system I'm
> installing on has no cc or gcc installed on it. The configure script seems
> to terminate if it can't find a cc or gcc. What am I missing here? How does
> one configure and install gcc on a system that has no pre-existing c
> compiler?

I would add to the good answers from others that you
want to get a binary gcc to use to complie your own
gcc. The binary you get may give you grief for many
applications in the future. Especially any shared
lib/dynamic linking.

Be certain that when you build your own gcc that you do
not configure and make, but that you configure and make
bootstrap. Failure to do this right the first time
seems to give many problems.

Another great source of binaries for you platform is to
purchase a binary CD distribution from the FSF.

Sun User's Group CDs have had gcc binaries. SunSoft
Catalyst CDWARE have had gcc. But, what ever you get,
do use it to bootstrap your own gcc.

Lastly, the obvious, RTFM before you configure and
make; especially for building on

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