Problems in building gcc on linux

Michael Sokolov msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG
Wed Sep 6 07:50:00 GMT 2000

RakeshN <> wrote:

> I am building gcc on linux 6.1 .
> My configuration command is ----
> configure --target=h8300-hms --host=i386-coff-go32 --build=sun4 --prefix=/b/dosbin
> My target is hitachi h8/300 processor for MS-DOS.
> [...]
> make[1]: i386-coff-go32-ar: Command not found

What you are doing is called a Canadian cross. Since your compiler is going to
be hosted on a system (MS-DOS) other than the one you are building it on
(Linux), you must build it on your Linux box with a Linux x MS-DOS cross-
compiler. I.e., you must first build that and then use it to build your MS-DOS
x H8/300 compiler. Building a cross-compiler with a cross-compiler is called
Canadian cross. You must also build a Linux x H8/300 cross-compiler before you
build your MS-DOS x H8/300 cross-compiler, because building the latter will
need it to build target libraries. This is all explained very well in Ian Lance
Taylor's "The GNU configure and build system", see:

> 1] There is a makefile in each and every directory. Should i make them all individually?

No, you just run make in the top level build directory and it will
automatically descend into every subdirectory.

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