gcc 2.95.2 and RS6000

Uwe Hackbarth U.hackbarth@cadbas.de
Wed Sep 27 05:34:00 GMT 2000

Hi all,
I trie'd to build gcc 2.95.2 on our RS 6000. 
Configure runs with "--host rs600 --target rs6000". The problem is 
tinfo.cc, it fails with following messages:
-B/usr/local/rs6000/bin/ -B./ -I/usr/local/rs6000/include -O2   
-DIN_GCC -DHAIFA    -g -I./include   -g1  
-I../config -I../../include  -c 
../cp/tinfo.cc Assembler: /tmp/ccZQVwzw.s: line 760: Instruction nabs is 
not implemented in the current assembly mode COM. /tmp/ccZQVwzw.s: line 1342: 
undefined symbol "_vt.9exception" /tmp/ccZQVwzw.s: line 1342: illegal 
expression /tmp/ccZQVwzw.s: line 1418: undefined symbol 
"_vt.9exception" /tmp/ccZQVwzw.s: line 1418: illegal 
expression /tmp/ccZQVwzw.s: line 1507: undefined symbol 
"_vt.9exception" /tmp/ccZQVwzw.s: line 1507: illegal 
expression /tmp/ccZQVwzw.s: line 1583: undefined symbol 
"_vt.9exception" /tmp/ccZQVwzw.s: line 1583: illegal expression  

I can't find the problem, can you help 
U.Hackbarth CADBAS GmbH Kruppstraße 
86 45145 Essen Germany
Tel.:  (0)49 / (0)201 247230 Fax:  
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Internet: http://www.cadbas.de

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