Michael Fothergill
Thu Sep 21 09:24:00 GMT 2000

Dear people;
Does anyone know if gcc can be persuaded 
successfully to compile FORTRAN 90?
The documentation on the website suggests this 
is really on the TODO list for the compiler, but there is some kind of F90 
option which makes the program recognize FORTRAN 90 like code....
Does anyone know how good it is?
Also in the documentation you get with it (I am 
using Red Hat Linux on a new PC version 6.2) where does it actually tell you how 
to run the compiler especially with fairly sophisticated makefiles with biggish 
main and sub programs????
Most of the stuff I can find in the directories I installed 
e.g. gcc FAQ doesn't even tell you the simplest ways to use the compiler, it 
doesn't simply list the names of the different executables in usr/local/bin and 
tell you what they do...
I don't care if it is being developed  in a bazaar or 
cathedral format etc., I just want to know how to use it to compile a 
complicated algorithm with hundreds of subroutines doing a molecular dynamics 
Please help,
Michael Fothergill

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