FW: gnu source/assy listings

llewelly@edevnull.com llewelly@edevnull.com
Thu Sep 21 07:41:00 GMT 2000

"Same, Donald R." <donald_r_same@md.northgrum.com> writes:

> I have perused your website,

hm... It is not *my* website; I am just a random volunteer who
  happened to answer your question.

The website I pointed you at is the gcc website.

By the way, this discussion should be kept on the gcc-help list, so
  that others may learn from it; when you respond to someone who
  atempts to answer a question from gcc-help. you should send your
  replies to that list. 

> > which I did not know existed, so that was very
> helpful.  However, I still do not see a switch that allows the interspersing
> of source c code with the assy code generated for each c
> instruction.

I am perhaps slightly confused here. by 'assy code', do you mean assembly code?

> Sometimes of course, the c instruction culminates in multiple lines of assy
> code, etc.  We want to see what assy code is generated ALONG WITH
> the c

I do not know of a way to make gcc generate mixed C source and

However, gcc will give C functions, labels, and globals the same
  assembler name they have in the C source, so if one knows asmmbler
  it is not too hard to follow (though not as nice as mixed might
  be.). Note that with -O2, gcc will sometimes do surprising ammounts
  of code movement, etc.

btw, you should probably not use -g when generating assembler ;
  it often makes the assembler more difficult to read.

> instructions in the same listing.  I do not see this option in the website,
> but since there are a lot of options, maybe some combination in some crazy
> sequence of compiles could bring about the listing file that I am looking
> for.

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