How to force the use of gnu-binutils?

Markus Werle
Tue Sep 19 06:55:00 GMT 2000


Compiling with g++ on hpux requires the use of hp ld.
Unfortunately ld calls /usr/ccs/bin/nm which dies
running my code

[... cutting of some compiling ..]
[... cutting off linker call ... ]
collect2: /usr/ccs/bin/nm returned 11 exit status
gmake: *** [/work/markus/OBJECTS/test2.exe] Error 1
.../src > which g++
/work/markus/egcs-XX-2/bin/g++ (yesterday's cvs bullshit)
.../src > which as
.../src > which nm
.../src > echo $NM

How can I force the use of my own nm?

Thanks, Markus

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