gcc on HP-UX 11.00

Harri Pasanen harri.pasanen@trema.com
Mon Sep 18 01:45:00 GMT 2000

I wonder what is the status of gcc development on the HPUX 11.00
platform?  This information seems quite hard to find.

I was initially misled by the http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-2.95/buildstat.html
page, which has a "hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00 Successful" report.

So while the platform specific installation instructions for the hpux11
were not in the installation docs, I figured what was for 10.20 applied,
and was indeed able to build gcc 2.95.2 successfully.  I've used the
compiler to build a large suite of C programs, such as XEmacs, Python
1.6, etc. without any apparent problems.

After I started having some problems when compiling C++ programs, I went
to the mailing lists and to my dismay found the mail from Jeffrey A Law:

So gcc-2.95.2 does not support hpux11.  Fine, I just wish I had seen
this earlier, in a more prominent place.  Perhaps that note could be
added to the web pages somewhere in the platform specific notes? 

Is someone working on the HP-UX 11.00 support?  Anything I can do to


Harri Pasanen

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