Different installation and runtime directory

Laurent Pinchart lpinchart@freegates.be
Sun Sep 17 03:33:00 GMT 2000

I want to install the latest version of gcc in /usr and its
subdirectories. As I want to keep a 'clean' system, I would like to
uninstall my current version of gcc, located in the same place, before
installing the new one.

As I need gcc to compile the new one (obviously), I thought about
compiling the new one, making a package (slackware), removing the old
one and installing the package.

My problem is that I have to specify --prefix=/usr to the configuration
script, as some paths related to the installation path are hardcoded in
the compiler (install-path/share/local for example). How can I then
install gcc to a temporary directory, as make install will install it to
/usr and overwrite some of my current gcc install ?

Thanks for your help.

Laurent Pinchart

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