Register to Queue convert

Yoshitomo OKUMURA
Sun Sep 10 22:49:00 GMT 2000

I'm trying to construct C-compiler for QUEUE-machine.
So, I intend to change GCC-2.95.2.
(QUEUE-machine is processor developing in our lab. It has special features
to handle computers where some of the "registers" form a queue.)

To realize that, I think it's need to change "reg-stack.c"(Register to Stack
convert for GNU compiler).

I think, changeing behavior of FIRST_STACK_REG and LAST_STACK_REG in
reg-stack.c enable to convert register to queue.

So, please give me advice of changing "reg-stack.c".

Thank you.
Univ.Electro-Communications Sowa-Lab
Yoshitomo OKUMURA
Research room:

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