ld problem on hpux 10.20 with egcs-20000124

Markus Werle markus@lufmech.rwth-aachen.de
Fri Jan 28 05:01:00 GMT 2000

Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> On Jan 28, 2000, Markus Werle <markus@lufmech.rwth-aachen.de> wrote:
> > but there seems to be a problem with the linker.
> Yup.  So why are you reporting it here? ;-)

The missing symbols are c++ symbols which I expect to get shipped
with gcc. They all belong to "typeinfo".

So maybe there are some symbols missing in libstd++ or libgcc
due to configuration  errors in gcc - or some I did myself
(the latter for sure). IMHO the error is not in hp ld.

As I can read on http://gcc.gnu.org/lists.html:
"gcc-help is a [...] list for people searching for help in building gcc"

I just mentioned I had a little problem and was seeking for an answer.
The whole installation process for gcc on HPUX is a painful story
(far away from linux' configure-make-make_install).
As I can see at dejanews and in the gcc mailing lists
I am not the only one banging his head against the wall.

Please believe, I do not want to blame the developers of gcc,
but rather ask for a discussion that leads back to a really portable
compiler. I am greatful for the work You have done, especially
the template stuff. Let us use it - even on hpux.

> So you should ask for help from HP, not to us.  Maybe you need to
> patch your system?

The problem is *not* gcc and the problem is *not* hpux.
The problem is their interaction and all those nasty side effects.
HP will tell me the same answer only with inverse sign.

Again: I repeat my question:
Any idea where the linker should find the symbols?

Best regards,


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