gnu C++ and X, Motif C++ code

David T. Miller
Tue Jan 11 08:20:00 GMT 2000


We have installed gcc-2.95.2 on our HP-UX system (10.20).  Some of our
routines use X and Motif C++ code.  They compile and link fine.  However,
when we try to run a routine, it crashes within the X/Motif code (illegal
signal).  Upon debugging, the program stops when the routine tries to
build the first widget.

We had a similar problem using cfront via HP-UX.  However, using a
compiler flag to allow dereferencing of null pointers at run-time fixed
that problem.  

Now it's back again with gcc.  Can you provide any insight of which
compiler flags might solve this problem?

The X/Motif is generated C++ code using a GUI builder UIM/X 2.9.

Thanks for any help!  


Dave Miller

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