Help: [muldi 3]

Lorenzo Ivaldi
Tue Jan 11 02:32:00 GMT 2000

Please,  can anyone  tell me where is defined the muldi3 apart from the
machine dependent implementations (for example I am trying to

create the libraries  for a cross compiler based on a rce target that
hasn't the muldi3 in the .md . I don't know whether exist a standard
muldi3 somewhere
or I must write down some code to create it. I succeed in creating the
libgcc1.a but
I fail on the muldi3 when I try to compile the glibc2.c and the
compilation stops. Thanks in advance for any help sent.
Lorenzo Ivaldi (A.K.A. Lord Kayne)

Tel:    +39-0144-323573
s-mail: Via G. Marconi n. 38
          15011 Acqui Terme (AL), Italy

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