M68040 GCC compiler building

Christophe AUSSAGUES chris@albatros.saclay.cea.fr
Mon Jan 10 09:29:00 GMT 2000


Before writing a bug report, I would like to be sure that our
difficulties, in building a m68k native compiler, don't come neither
from us nor from the fact that our system is an old one. So, I prefer
sending you this question in a first step.

We are trying to install the new GCC version (2.95.2) on a
Motorola-VME167 platform with a M68040 processor and an Unix-SystemV
system (note: the result of 'uname -a' is 'xxx xxx R3V7 980709 M68040').
We encounter some difficulties in making directly a native compiler for
this target machine. Our difficulties are connected with gcc/cc we use
to build the new one.

We have yet succesfully installed two old versions of GCC (the latest
one is 2.7.2) on the Motorola machine. We've also installed without any
problem the 2.95.5 GCC version on our SUN SPARCstations.


 1) I would like to know if there is someone that have yet installed the
2.95.2 GCC version on such a m68040 computer, or if someone has some
advices from its experiments on m68040 computers to solve our

 2) We are now trying to build a M68040 native compiler FROM a
cross-compiler we will build on the SUN computers. Does anybody know if
there exists an easy way to do such an operation ? (and if so, can you
describe it to us ?...)

Thanks in advance for your help,
Christophe Aussagues.

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