Classes in multiple files

Thomas Lionel SMETS
Mon Jan 3 15:25:00 GMT 2000

Well the question should have a rather straight answer but I do know how

to do it, so ...

I wish to have two classes in two separated files, as such :

============== B E G I N    O F   F I L E  1   ====================
#include ...   // Only standart header files <iostream>, etc ...
class ClassName1 {
    // Implementation

============== E N D   O F    F I L E  1 =======================

============== B E G I N    O F   F I L E  2   ====================
#include ...   // Only standart header files <iostream>, etc ...
class ClassName2 : class ClassName1 {
    // Implementation


int main() {
    // Implementation of pgrm
============== E N D   O F    F I L E  2 =======================

Now the question is :
    How do I compile this properly ?

Currently my make file is, as such :

============= Begin of Make File ===================
ClassName1 : ClassName1.cpp
    g++ ClassName1.cpp -o ClassName1

ClassName2 : ClassName2.cpp ClassName1.o
    g++ ClassName2.cpp ClassName1.o  -o ClassName2

ClassName1.o : ClassName1.cpp
    g++ -c ClassName1.cpp
============= End of Make File ===================

As I don't know how to make Header files for other thiings than C
function --> there is no Header file comin' from my code. Secondly ... I

don't link the ".o" files ... Maybe it's a mistake ?

A kind answer would be appreciated   :-)  !

Thanks in advance,


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