[Bug fortran/103506] [10/11/12/13 Regression] ICE in gfc_free_namespace, at fortran/symbol.c:4039 since r10-2798-ge68a35ae4a65d2b3

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Sun Jan 29 19:10:29 GMT 2023


--- Comment #15 from CVS Commits <cvs-commit at gcc dot gnu.org> ---
The master branch has been updated by Jerry DeLisle <jvdelisle@gcc.gnu.org>:


commit r13-5485-g8011fbba7baa46947341ca8069b5a327163a68d5
Author: Jerry DeLisle <jvdelisle@gcc.gnu.org>
Date:   Sat Jan 28 20:00:34 2023 -0800

    ICE in gfc_free_namespace. ice-on-invalid.

            PR fortran/103506


            * parse.cc (parse_module): Remove use of a bool error value
            that prevented proper setting of the namespace pointer.


            * gfortran.dg/pr103506_1.f90: New test.

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