[Bug rtl-optimization/108132] Wrong instruction scheduling around function call with longjmp on aarch64 at O2

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Fri Jan 13 18:33:38 GMT 2023


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The master branch has been updated by Alexander Monakov <amonakov@gcc.gnu.org>:


commit r13-5154-g733a1b777f16cd397b43a242d9c31761f66d3da8
Author: Alexander Monakov <amonakov@ispras.ru>
Date:   Fri Jan 13 21:04:02 2023 +0300

    sched-deps: do not schedule pseudos across calls [PR108117]

    Scheduling across calls in the pre-RA scheduler is problematic: we do
    not take liveness info into account, and are thus prone to extending
    lifetime of a pseudo over the loop, requiring a callee-saved hardreg
    or causing a spill.

    If current function called a setjmp, lifting an assignment over a call
    may be incorrect if a longjmp would happen before the assignment.

    Thanks to Jose Marchesi for testing on AArch64.


            PR rtl-optimization/108117
            PR rtl-optimization/108132
            * sched-deps.cc (deps_analyze_insn): Do not schedule across
            calls before reload.


            PR rtl-optimization/108117
            PR rtl-optimization/108132
            * gcc.dg/pr108117.c: New test.

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