[Bug c++/105470] ranged for loop whitespace parsing

roland at logikalsolutions dot com gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Wed May 4 14:40:39 GMT 2022


--- Comment #10 from Roland Hughes <roland at logikalsolutions dot com> ---
(In reply to Marek Polacek from comment #1)
> The warning is completely correct, and the code should be fixed.
> for ( const std::pair<KeyModifiers, Scintilla::Message> &it : someMap )
> This iterates over a map, with values of type:
> std::pair<const KeyModifiers, Scintilla::Message>

No, it doesn't.

grep -irn GetKeyMap *
copperspice/CsScintillaEditBase/CsScintillaEditBase.cpp:1031:    // the fact
GetKeyMap() returns const means we can't use an iterator
copperspice/CsScintillaEditBase/CsScintillaEditBase.cpp:1034:    for ( const
std::pair<KeyModifiers, Scintilla::Message> &it : sqt->kmap.GetKeyMap() )
copperspice/CsScintillaEditBase/CsScintillaEditBase.cpp:1059:    auto
findResult = std::find_if( std::begin( sqt->kmap.GetKeyMap() ),
                 std::end( sqt->kmap.GetKeyMap() ),
copperspice/CsScintillaEditBase/CsScintillaEditBase.cpp:1066:    if (
findResult != std::end( sqt->kmap.GetKeyMap() ) )
std::map<Scintilla::Internal::KeyModifiers, Scintilla::Message>
&CsScintillaEditBase::GetKeyMap() const noexcept
copperspice/CsScintillaEditBase/CsScintillaEditBase.cpp:4316:    return
copperspice/CsScintillaEditBase/CsScintillaEditBase.h:79:    const
std::map<Scintilla::Internal::KeyModifiers, Scintilla::Message> &GetKeyMap()
const noexcept;
src/KeyMap.h:60:        const std::map<KeyModifiers, Scintilla::Message>
&GetKeyMap() const noexcept;
src/KeyMap.cxx:50:const std::map<KeyModifiers, Message> &KeyMap::GetKeyMap()
const noexcept {

There is no definition of that map anywhere in the codebase where KeyModifiers
is declared const.

The method being called returns a const & to the entire map, but there is no
const declared within the map.

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