[Bug rust/105913] gccrs doesn't compile on 32-bit targets

ro at CeBiTec dot Uni-Bielefeld.DE gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Wed Jun 29 07:10:37 GMT 2022


--- Comment #8 from ro at CeBiTec dot Uni-Bielefeld.DE <ro at CeBiTec dot Uni-Bielefeld.DE> ---
> --- Comment #7 from Thomas Schwinge <tschwinge at gcc dot gnu.org> ---
> But now really assuming fixed via additional
> <https://github.com/Rust-GCC/gccrs/pull/1331> "Fix remaining misuses of format
> specifiers on 32-bit targets".

Now confirmed on both i386-pc-solaris2.11 and sparc-sun-solaris2.11
(which needs the hack from PR c++/106072).

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