[Bug c++/106052] ICE with -Wmismatched-tags with partially specialized friend struct of self type

beardsley.matt.j at gmail dot com gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Wed Jun 22 04:47:42 GMT 2022


--- Comment #1 from Matt Beardsley <beardsley.matt.j at gmail dot com> ---
Just wanted to clarify that the prev. comment only reproduces with an asserted

However, I first observed this in a 300,000+ LOC preprocessed file with a
release gcc build. But I could not stably minimize those reproduction steps
much further below that size.

But I found I could much more consistently hit an ICE using an asserted build
instead, which seems to add up given it looks like it's an out of range access
(which is what the assert is guarding)

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