[Bug c++/105997] A possible optimization bug

redi at gcc dot gnu.org gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Thu Jun 16 10:53:01 GMT 2022


--- Comment #5 from Jonathan Wakely <redi at gcc dot gnu.org> ---
(In reply to Jonathan Wakely from comment #3)
> If anybody wants to turn it into a proper bug report, the original commit
> (and description) is at
> https://github.com/zynaddsubfx/zynaddsubfx/commit/
> 22a5f8da76c16c47c3814eedaec8f9fe0ff4248b

"Symptoms of the failed optimization include a partial copy of values
with some corrupted or turned into null pointers."

Sounds likely to be a lifetime issue with the std::string values e.g. trying to
read them after the containing vector has been destroyed.

But somebody has to provide a proper bug report to be sure. Please stop opening
bug reports that are just a link to comments in github. If you want to
investigate them yourself, great. But "Somebody said GCC broke their code" is
not a valid bug report.

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