[Bug target/105974] [13 Regression] ICE: RTL check: expected elt 0 type 'i' or 'n', have 'w' (rtx const_int) in arm_bfi_1_p, at config/arm/arm.cc:10214

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Wed Jun 15 12:43:49 GMT 2022


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The master branch has been updated by Richard Earnshaw <rearnsha@gcc.gnu.org>:


commit r13-1108-gdc8071da0e89eab4935751f3b16745c95cbc0d30
Author: Richard Earnshaw <rearnsha@arm.com>
Date:   Wed Jun 15 13:42:23 2022 +0100

    arm: fix thinko in arm_bfi_1_p() [PR105974]

    I clearly wasn't thinking straight when I wrote the arm_bfi_1_p
    function and used XUINT rather than UINTVAL when extracting CONST_INT
    values.  It seemed to work in testing, but was incorrect and failed
    RTL checking.

    Fixed thusly:


            PR target/105974
            * config/arm/arm.cc (arm_bfi_1_p): Use UINTVAL instead of XUINT.

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