[Bug c++/105980] New: [11/12/13 Regression] ICE in final_scan_insn_1, at final.cc:2811

gscfq@t-online.de gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Tue Jun 14 17:53:12 GMT 2022


            Bug ID: 105980
           Summary: [11/12/13 Regression] ICE in final_scan_insn_1, at
           Product: gcc
           Version: 13.0
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P3
         Component: c++
          Assignee: unassigned at gcc dot gnu.org
          Reporter: gscfq@t-online.de
  Target Milestone: ---

Started with r11 between 20201115 and 20201122, using -m16 or -m32 :
(with files pr41257.C, pr47366.C, pr83549.C, pr83619.C, etc.)

$ gcc-13-20220612 -c pr41257.C -fpie -m32 -mforce-indirect-call
pr41257.C: In member function 'virtual void C::_ZTv0_n16_N1CD1Ev()':
pr41257.C:20:1: error: insn does not satisfy its constraints:
   20 | }
      | ^
(insn 6 5 7 (set (reg:SI 82)
        (plus:SI (reg:SI 82)
            (const:SI (unspec:SI [
                        (symbol_ref:SI ("*.LTHUNK2") [flags 0x3] <function_decl
0x7f8b38853200 *.LTHUNK2>)
                    ] UNSPEC_GOTOFF)))) "pr41257.C":12:8 227 {*leasi}
pr41257.C:20:1: internal compiler error: in final_scan_insn_1, at final.cc:2811
0x698229 _fatal_insn(char const*, rtx_def const*, char const*, int, char
0x698252 _fatal_insn_not_found(rtx_def const*, char const*, int, char const*)
0xa85023 final_scan_insn_1
0xa8505b final_scan_insn(rtx_insn*, _IO_FILE*, int, int, int*)
0xa85304 final_1
0x10c6f52 x86_output_mi_thunk
0x98b867 expand_thunk(cgraph_node*, bool, bool)
0x99bca6 cgraph_node::assemble_thunks_and_aliases()
0x99bc61 cgraph_node::assemble_thunks_and_aliases()
0x99be90 cgraph_node::expand()
0x99d10f output_in_order
0x99d10f symbol_table::compile()
0x99fa9f symbol_table::compile()
0x99fa9f symbol_table::finalize_compilation_unit()

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