[Bug c/105950] > O2 optimization causes runtime (SIGILL) during main initialization

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(In reply to John Kanapes from comment #22)
>> It took you 4 posts to explain me what to do.
>> It took me 4 posts to understand what you were talking about.
>> You should explain better.

>You should read better. Comment 3 is perfectly clear.

>"For UBSan, you can't just compile with -fsanitize=undefined, you need to link
> with that flag as well."

> That 

I am sorry, that's not at all clear to me. It tells me that I first need to
compile with fsanitized and then link with it.Since i couldn't even compile
with it, due to the undefined references to ubsan_handles, how could I link?
I tried to link against the -lubsan library, just to get past compilation, and
you told me that this was wrong.Finally I ended up just linking with that flag.
You have to bear in mind, that us programmers do not uselinker flags and do not
know about them:(

How could I explain it bettter?
"fsanitized=undefined is a linker flag. Example: gcc test.o example.o ${LIBS}
fsanitized=undefined -o test"

(In reply to John Kanapes from comment #23)
>> What do you do with the sources after the ticket?

>They will stay attached here. If you don't want them to be public, you need to
>reduce it to something smaller that still shows the bug (which you've said you
>can't) or put them somewhere online and persuade somebody here to download them
>and try to reproduce and reduce it for you.
That is extra work for you. I wasn;t able to do it, and I know the code. 
But if you can do smt about it when you find the bug, I would be grateful.I
will upload it to my dropbox account and then send you the link.

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