[Bug libstdc++/105934] [9/10/11/12/13 Regression] C++11 pointer versions of atomic_fetch_add missing because of P0558

redi at gcc dot gnu.org gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Mon Jun 13 11:53:52 GMT 2022


Jonathan Wakely <redi at gcc dot gnu.org> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
      Known to work|                            |8.5.0
      Known to fail|                            |10.3.0, 11.2.0, 12.0, 9.1.0

--- Comment #4 from Jonathan Wakely <redi at gcc dot gnu.org> ---
I've raised this for discussion with LWG.

FWIW libc++ and MSVC reject the example too. It looks like everybody treats
P0558 as a DR.

It's valid as C++11 and C++17, with old and new implementations, if changed to
use std::atomic_fetch_add(static_cast<std::atomic<int*>*>(*ap), 1); }
i.e. using an explicit conversion instead of an explicit template argument

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